16th December 2021 Dear Parents / Carers, Following an emergency meeting this morning and communication from the Welsh Government Education Minister, I am writing to update you regarding the plans for January 2022. All schools will be closed to pupils on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th January 2022. This is […]

January 2022 Restart Arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers,   I have written a number of letters home to parents and carers over the past 7 years at Rumney Primary School and during the past 30+ years in other schools that I have had the privilege of working in, but this is without doubt the […]

Headteacher Letter 16.12.21

  We are happy to share the news that an enforcement camera is being installed outside the school on Wentloog Road. It will go live on Monday 8th November 2021. Please see letter attached. We hope that the enforcement camera will help resolve the inconsiderate and dangerous parking seen and help […]

Enforcement Cameras Outside School

Dear Parents/Carers,   The end of another busy half term at school!   Hopefully many of you have had the opportunity to speak with class teachers during the parent/carer phone consultations. Despite all the challenges we still face at school it remains one of our priorities to continue with strong […]

Headteacher End of Term Newsletter 28.05.21

Headteacher Update 23rd April 2021   Dear Parents/Carers   We have a cluster of cases of COVID in Year 5 . All Year 5 children and year group staff are self-isolating.   I have spoken to Public Health Wales who have asked that school reminds all families that when children […]

Headteacher update 23.04.21