Year 4 – Class 4JM

Welcome to Class 4JM

Mrs Jones Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mrs Margetts – Thursday, Friday

What an action packed start to the year we’ve had! It has been lovely getting to know the children through activities encouraging them to be the best they can be at every opportunity. We hope you liked their little poem they were given on their first day and support us in our aim to instill lifelong skills, a positive attitude and respect for others.

Important Information

  • PE kit should be brought in on Monday and taken home on Friday, our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. We keep a register of pupils who bring in kit as we feel strongly about their participation, health and well-being.
  • Book Bags need to be returned every Wednesday (we are happy to return the same book if it isn’t finished but we feel communication regarding progress is important. We keep a register of pupils who do this regularly as it impacts positively on their learning.
  • Homework will be issued every Friday and needs to be returned on Wednesday. We also keep a register of pupils who return their homework as we feel it is a great home school link and gives us the opportunity to share topics and areas that we are working on.
  • Please make sure your child brings a water bottle clearly marked with their name.

Our first few weeks were all based on ‘Growth Mindset’ making sure the children believe in themselves and say ‘I can’ rather than ‘I can’t’, ‘I will improve with practice’ rather than I give up.’

  • We read and discussed the delightful books called ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds, ‘How should I behave?’ by Mick Manning and Brita Grenstrom and ‘Thanks for the Feedback’ by Julia Cook.

Image result for The dot             Image result for How do we behave book           Image result for How to give feedback and compliments book

  • We created our own Class promise based on the word ‘Together’

Treat each other with kindness

Offer to help others

Give compliments

Encourage our friends

Think before we speak

 Have a positive attitude

Enjoy learning

 Respect each other

  • We used laptops to create our own acrostic poems promoting a positive growth mindset.
  • We shared our ‘all about me bags’ and got to know each other
  • We worked in groups to think about what makes a good pupil, classroom and teacher!
  • We gave positive feedback about our friends work.
  • We created our own ‘Dot’ pictures and did some creative story writing.

Autumn Term Topic – ‘Egypt’

WOW!  we cannot fault their enthusiasm for this topic. What better way to start than with a secret letter written in Hieroglphics and an archaeological dig. Here’s the evidence!

Dig Dig2 Dig3 Dig4 Dig5 Dig6 Dig 1

  • We decoded the letter and discovered it was from ‘Howard Carter,’ who is he?
  • We found pictures of Ancient Egyptian artefacts during our dig.
  • We used iPads to research these objects and present our findings to our class. We learnt alot about mummified cats, amulets, pyramids, book of the dead, nerfertiti, and Egyptian jewellery.

Look out we’re mummifying our own tomatoes next week!


The girls had a great day at Cardiff Met celebrating International Girls Together Day. They enjoyed trampolining, fencing, tae-kwondo, tennis, volleyball, rowing,rugby, basketball,cycling, cheerleading and gymnastics.


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