Live On line Session Agreement

Agreement between Home and School for Live On-line Sessions 

Teachers agree to:

  • Discuss expectations with the learners and adults at the beginning of every session, including that the session is being recorded
  • Notify the SLT, learners and parents/carers of any scheduled sessions, cancelled sessions or changes in arrangements
  • Ensure they keep themselves up to date with all relevant policies and procedures, including on-line safety, safeguarding and data protection policies
  • Prevent any 1:1 situation at the end of the session 


Learners agree to: 

  • Be punctual for all sessions
  • Have any prepared materials to hand
  • Make sure they have laptops ready and are logged in and fully charged
  • Show respect for everyone in the online classroom
  • Dress appropriately for all classes, thinking about respect for others
  • Ensure the log in location is appropriate. It needs to be in a public place in the home, parent/carer present and change the ‘background’ setting  
  • Seek to contribute in a positive way and not be disruptive at any time
  • Not share images of the class


Parents & carers to:

  • Adhere to expectations set out by the teacher
  • Be present for the whole session
  • Support the learner in following the agreed code of conduct