Headteacher Update 03.02.21

Headteacher Update February 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


We all hope that you are keeping safe during these changing times.


The past four weeks has seen a number of encouragingly positive signs which we hope will mean that we will begin to see some changes to school life. The message from Mark Drakeford last week was a “phased and flexible “approach. We may hear more by the end of this week. As soon as we have any further updates we will be in touch.


Those of you with children in Years 3 to Y6 will be aware that before Christmas we had to close the junior building due to problems with the boiler that affected the heating system. Unfortunately the problem is a significant one and we are waiting for the preparatory work to be completed before the engineers can proceed. Whilst the work is underway there will be no access to the junior building. In the current situation and school organisation this work will have a limited effect on school life. However if there is a wider return to school for pupils the position may be complicated if the works have not been completed. We need parents and carers to be aware of the ongoing situation.


We are all eager to be back at school but the situation remains the same that this will happen when we are given the information that it is safe to do so.


You may have noticed on your calendar and from previous updates that Monday 8th February is a planned INSET day for the whole school. Staff will be working and training on this day. The planning for the week beginning 8th February will start from Tuesday 9th February. You may choose to use some of the learning looms to encourage the children and keep to a routine you have at home, focus on some reading and spelling activities or why not take the opportunity to step away from the screen and focus on some active physical activities or creative craft ideas. I’m sure the teachers would love to see and hear what the children have been doing.


We continue to be very grateful to you all for your continued support. Please make contact with class teachers or school if you have any queries we can support you with.


We hope to see you all soon!


Very best wishes,


Miss D E Williams                                        Mr D Baker

Headteacher                                                 Chair of Governors