Headteacher letter New Start & Finish Times w/e/f 16.05.2022


We are all feeling the benefits of Covid restrictions being lifted and although it hasn’t gone away completely we are working hard to get school back to normal for the pupils going forward.

As a result of this there are important changes being made that we would like to share with you.

School Day Times / Door Closure Nursery AM – Doors open at 9.00am – Pick up at 11.30am

Nursery PM – Doors open at 12.30pm – Pick up at 3.00pm

Nursery Gates will be opened just before and locked just after these times to ensure the safety of the pupils already on site

Reception – Doors open at 8.55am – closed at 9.05am – Pick up at 3.10pm

Y1 -Y2 – Doors open at 8.55am – closed at 9.05am – Pick up at 3.10pm

Y3-Y6 – Doors open at 8.55am – closed at 9.05am – Pick up at 3.15pm


At the end of the day our infant and junior gates will not open until 3.05pm. It is often the case that there is still active time or PE sessions taking place on the yard or the field for Junior classes. To ensure pupil safety, the gates will remain locked until 3.05pm. Please try not to be on site too early.


The driveway must no longer be used to enter or exit the school site. This was simply an allowance we were permitted to make during covid restrictions. Please use the pedestrian access at all times. The driveway gates will be locked at 8.30am once all staff are in. Please could those families attending Breakfast Club also exit using the pedestrian pathway to prevent any collision with cars driving into the car park at that time.


We are really keen to ensure that the children are here and ready to learn at 8.55am promptly each morning. If you arrive after 9.05am please bring your child to the office to sign them in late. Lateness is now being recorded and monitored. If you have medical appointments you will need to provide the appointment letter or card to ensure the correct code is entered onto our registers.

Finally a polite reminder that dogs are not to be brought onto the school site for health and safety reasons. Thank you for your understanding, patience and continued support whilst we work together to put systems back in place to help us return to normal.

Best Wishes Mrs E Williams Headteacher